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FPA GROUP was established in 1990, with 800 employees it’s headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. The main business of FPA Group includes production, laboratory and brand sectors.

Its production segment represents Australia and the world’s leading concepts and technology in the fields of supplementary medicines, health products, new resource foods, dairy products and cosmetics, and its production capacity leads the pack in Australia.

The laboratories have Australia’s most advanced equipment and the best working minds. While continually meeting the increasing market testing needs, they have invested a lot of resources into discovering new elements and developing new technology.

Its brands cover from infants to the elderly, from online to offline, enough to meet the needs of various groups of people globally.

At this stage, FPA Group has begun to invest in real estate and farm development, immigrant pensions, cross-border e-commerce platforms and other fields related to the big health industry. Taking Australia as the birthplace and radiating to all parts of the world, including China, There are investment projects of the Australian Pharmaceutical Group, and the growth is steady.


1990 – 1996

First Stage

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1990, from the procurement of pharmaceutical raw materials, product research and development, to the development and production of medicinal plant planting bases, it has laid a solid foundation for the development of the group.

1996 – 2013

Second Stage

In 1996, the group entered the second stage of development, including the establishment of an independent laboratory, and the construction of a finished product production base in 2001, which enabled the FPA Group to have a large-scale modernization integrating R&D and production of pharmaceutical supplements, health products, milk powder products, and cosmetics.

2013 – 2020

Third Stage

Since 2013, the group company has entered the third stage of development with multiple Australian brands and sales channels. Building bridges with consumers to understand consumers, and better serve the market.

2020 – Now

Fourth Stage

Parallel to the third stage, the group company invests in real estate, farm development, immigrant pension and other fields related to big health, making it a very competitive group company in Australia.


Ferngrove (FPA)

Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s most dynamic and innovative manufacturer with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certified manufacturer, Australia’s largest pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of complementary medicines, nutraceuticals, food, dairy products and cosmetics . It is the preferred OEM manufacturer of mainstream health brands in Australia, and achieving customers is the executive concept of the company. Voted the Best Quality Manufacturer in 2015 and 2016 by the Medicines Council of Australia, the only 10-year Quality Manufacturer in Australia in 2019, and awarded the Sustainability Award in 2020.


One Pharma Pty Ltd is a project under construction by the Group. The project concept is to build a benchmark high-intelligence comprehensive and transparent production plant. The introduction of brand-new equipment and production dosage forms, while enhancing the group’s production capacity, promotes the process of global vegetarian health care products. It has officially brought conceptual products such as functional gummies and preservative-free individually packaged oral liquids, jelly to thousands of households.


Medipro Pharma is a manufacturer specializing in OEM and ODM of health care products. The main service targets are Europe, America, Southeast Asia and China’s health care product markets, providing them with specialized production and services.


NTSA is a well know service provider in collaboration with advanced testing laboratories providing varied services and solution to industries such as complementary medicine, food, cosmetic and others.



The Australian Analytical Research Center (AARC) has the world’s most advanced equipment and top researchers. It is the only laboratory in Australia that can meet the testing requirements of multi-national standards at the same time. It is enough to provide the most authoritative report in the face of any new requirements in the market.


NaturaLab is a Sydney based third party independent laboratory focused on testing the stability of pharmaceutical raw materials. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has continuously updated technology and equipment. Striving to provide customers with the most advanced stability testing, the company’s purpose is to ensure that the customers’ use of raw materials meets TGA requirements. At the same time, NaturaLab also helps local manufacturers conduct stability testing of finished products to ensure that all their products meet TGA standards.



Enervite is an Australian-owned, Australian-made health food brand founded in Sydney, Australia in 1983. After 38 years of experience and development, it has become a favorite health care brand for Australians. Australia is the country with the most strict control of health care products. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) took the lead in implementing homologous management of health care products and medicines, and strictly controlled them through legislation. Aulevita is a forerunner of this high standard, ensuring that each of its products adheres to the highest production standards and best quality.

OZ Good Dairy

OZ Good Dairy is an Australian-owned, Australian-made nutritional brand. OZ Good Dairy brings the promise of “Spring into Health” to the world, thereby improving people’s quality of life. From adult milk powder (cattle, sheep) to maternal and infant nutritional food, there are currently 30 products exported to 28 countries and regions including Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia, enabling us, especially mothers and children, to live healthier lives better!


FPA HEALTH products improve the quality of life through technology, with unique ingenuity. At Australasian Health, a healthy and beautiful life is paramount – we know your health absolutely matters. Located in Australia and produced under Australian conditions – open skies and clean air.

Happy Growth

The health of children is the foundation of a happy childhood. A strong physique allows children to enjoy life more freely. The purpose of Yile Childhood is to be healthy and happy together. By leveraging Australia’s unique resource advantages and high production standards, we ensure that every product has safe and reliable quality. While ensuring product safety and quality, Yile Childhood pays more attention to children’s preferences. The goal of our research and production is for children to eat happily and mothers to use with peace of mind.

Kava King

Kava is an ancient and traditional drink from the South Pacific. It is extracted from the roots and rhizomes of the kava plant that grows in Vanuatu and other South Pacific islands. The active ingredients are known as kavalactones and these calm the mind and ease the body.


Sikirie adheres to the brand concept of ‘natural skin care, smart skin care’, and provides purely natural smart skin care products for women around the world.


The NTSA brand has a formula library of over 600 products and has established a complete product system for natural health and disease prevention. In addition to daily health care, emphasis is also placed on the research and production of products related to metabolism, body movement, joint protection, reproductive health, intestinal management, and healthy weight loss.
Focusing on producing high-quality and cost-effective products in the field of nutrition and health.
By leveraging the advantages of the group’s formula library, we aim to improve production and research and development efficiency.
Every product can be launched in a short period of time, while ensuring production volume and quality.
Provide one-stop services for supporting research and development, production, and supply chain.



The scale of Warrawee 1803Ac (11850Mu) offers multiple income options and lifestyle balance. Small areas of creek and river flats through undulating open grazing land to timbered ridges provides exceptional privacy. The Winburndale Rivulet borders the southern boundary of the property and is known to support a diverse range of fish and wildlife species. Warrawee also has double frontage to three creeks,10 dams, spring fed gullies and an equipped bore.

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