William Tang

William Tang(Tang Wei),A famous Australian Chinese entrepreneur, one of the five most influential nutritional product leaders in the world, president of the Australian Health Industry Association (AHIA), founder and chairman of FPA GROUP (Australian Pharmaceutical Group), responsible for the group’s strategic planning, positioning and management.

Basic Information

English Name:William Tang

Chinese Name:Tang Wei


Main Experience

◎Immigrated to Australia in 1989;

◎Start an undertaking in 1990, it is engaged in the procurement of pharmaceutical raw materials, product research and development, and the development and production of medicinal plant planting bases, including the milk thistle planting base Warrawee, etc;

◎Founded the group enterprise FPA GROUP (Australian Pharmaceutical Group) and served as the chairman of the group, focusing on the development of industry chains related to the general health field;

◎Subsidiary pharmaceutical companies: Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals, ONEPharma, Medipro, NTSA;

◎Its independent laboratories: AARC, Naturalab;

◎Its brands: Enervite, OZ Good Dairy, FPA Health, Slaite, Kava King, Sikirie, NTSA, Happy Growth;

◎Develop real estate and farm industries in Australia in 2020, and invest in comprehensive health-related fields such as migrant health care;

◎In 2022, he was selected as one of the top 5 most influential nutritional product leaders in the world by the internationally renowned magazine Insights.(Top 5 International Influential Nutraceutical Leaders);

◎In 2023, he founded the Australian Health Industry Association (AHIA) and served as the president of the association;

◎Founded the Australian Got Talent Club and served as the club’s president。

Main Contributions

◎Global pioneer of plant capsules;

◎Promote the development of agricultural economy in Vanuatu, an island country in Fiji in the South Pacific;

◎Drafter of standards for DHA algae oil products。


◎FPA Best Production Factory of the Decade CMA;

◎He was received with the highest honor by the Chief of Vanuatu and was affectionately called Kavaking by the local people;

◎The world’s 5 most influential nutritional product leaders.

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