Tina Liu

Vice-President of AHIA

Chief Scientist of FPA GROUP

CEO of Naturalab


CEO of Enervite

Tina Liu graduated from the Department of Pharmacy at West China University of Medical Sciences (now Sichuan University) in five years, and is a postgraduate student at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. She is currently studying for a PhD.


She has been engaged in pharmaceutical research for 40 years. He once served as pharmacist supervisor of Beijing Food and Drug Administration and quality director of Western Pharmaceutical Factory.

In 2005, preparations were made to establish the third-party laboratory Naturalab.

In 2007, it obtained the A3 level TGA license. NaturaLab is a Sydney-based third-party independent laboratory focused on testing the stability of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Later, AARC R&D center was planned to be established. AARC (Australian Analytical Research Center) mainly provides internal quality control and technical support for new product formulation research and development, stability experimental monitoring, and pre-marketing of finished products.


FPA GROUP was established in 1990, with 800 employees it’s headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. The main business of FPA Group includes production, laboratory and brand sectors.